Online Working Meeting

Online Working Meeting – online.

In the online meeting held on February 14, 2023, project partners and national experts from Spain, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Montenegro, Romania, and Portugal gathered to discuss and present planned project activities, objectives, and results. The main focus was on the methodology for the research phase, with a detailed presentation of research tools by main expert Ivana Hadjivanova, including surveys, interviews, case studies, and the national report template.

Discussions also covered upcoming project phases, the online platform, and the establishment of consultation centers. Participants collectively agreed on deadlines for these phases. Following an introductory message from the main expert, representatives from all project partners and national experts introduced themselves and their organizations.

The presentation of project objectives, outcomes, and activities was followed by an in-depth explanation of the mutual relationship between planned activities. Project partners commented on and sought clarifications for various activities, receiving satisfactory answers from the main expert.

The detailed context of the project research, its aims, starting hypotheses, and questions to be addressed were presented. All research methods (desk research, individual interviews, online surveys, and case studies) were outlined in the research methodology, which was thoroughly discussed in the meeting. The target group and number of participants for each country were confirmed, and the purpose, target group, data requirements, and practical implementation of each research method were explained.

A timeline for the research, including connections between different methods and the expected structure of national studies (reports), was presented. The main expert provided a detailed document with explanations and necessary information about the first phase and tools for conducting the research.

After the presentation, the methodology was discussed, and project partners raised relevant questions, all of which were addressed. The partners were prepared to commence the research phase after translating the tools into their respective languages.