kick-off meeting

kick-off meeting – Online.

In the kick-off meeting held on December 9, 2022, online participation included project partners from Spain, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Montenegro, Romania, and Portugal. The meeting aimed to introduce and discuss planned project activities, objectives, results, and the research methodology. Moderated by main expert Ivana Hadjivanova, the workshop began with an introductory message from the project leader, followed by introductions from representatives of each partner organization.

The project objectives, outcomes, and activities were presented and explained in detail, with project partners providing comments and seeking clarifications. The second part of the meeting focused on the research phase methodology. Ivana Hadjivanova presented the context, aims, starting hypotheses, and questions the research aims to answer. The mandatory research methods (desk research, individual interviews, online surveys, and case study) were discussed, and the target group and number of participants per country were confirmed.

Each research method’s purpose, target group, data requirements, and practical implementation were explained. A timeline for the research, connections between methods, and the expected structure of national studies (reports) were presented. A detailed document with explanations and information on all methods was provided to guide national experts in creating methods aligned with the project’s research methodology.

The methodology was discussed, and partners raised relevant questions, which were addressed. The document on methodology was amended post-meeting to include missing or unclear information. In the final part of the meeting, partners shared Covid-19 country strategies and experiences, contributing valuable perspectives and information about damages in their respective countries to guide the project’s further phases.